Getting Started

To log in to the Theralogix Provider Page ( for the first time you will need to create your account and assign a password. The three simple steps you will take are below.

Step 1 - Click on the Create your new provider account link.

Step 2 - Complete the registration form

Please note that you must use the email address that you have previously provided to Theralogix, and that we have associated with your PRC. If you attempt to use a different email address, you will see an error message directing you to contact us. Once you complete this registration page, you will receive an email message asking you to verify your email address.


Step 3 - Final step - Look for your confirmation email message, and click the Activate your account button in the email.


Q: Do the Theralogix Retail website and the Providers site use the same login details?

A: Both sites are independent of each other, so you will need to create a login for each site. If you choose, you may use the same email address for both.

Q: Why do I get an error message telling me this email address is not associated with an account when I attempt to register my email address for the first time?

A: Theralogix may have a different email address in our records for your account. To update the email address you wish to use for login, please contact us at

Q: How do I change the email address I want to associate with my Theralogix provider account?

A: Contact us at to update your account details.

Q: How do I update the details I see on the main account page?

A: Contact us at to update your account details.

Q: Several doctors in my practice share the same PRC. Which email address do I use to log in to the Provider page?

A: Currently each PRC is associated with a single/unique email address (as did the previous provider website). You will need to log in using that shared email address and password if you share a PRC.

Q: I have more than one PRC that I use. How can I place orders or see details for more than one PRC?

A: Since our account software will not permit the same email address to be associated with multiple PRC, it is likely that Theralogix already associated different addresses with your PRCs. If you need any assistance sorting out the email addresses that are associated with your PRCs, please contact us at

Q: How can I get a separate login for a nurse or practice manager in my practice so that they can place orders on my behalf?

A: Sorry, only one login email per PRC currently- but we are working on this one. In the near future the Provider site will have this feature. Soon, you will be able to assign others in your practice limited entitlements to access the site, and order supplies, but not to see referral and customer data.

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